What We Do

‘Drishtikon Consultants’ is a firm with two verticals-

  1. Education
  2. Corporate

Education vertical

Education sector offerings aim at making a difference to the future Leaders – the young minds.

We believe that shaping of one’s perspective starts early in life. Perspectives defines individuals’ values, actions, choices and views on different aspects of life. Thus it is important to understand and gain clarity on life choices and paths to tread on in early stages of growth. It is important that one be aware of their uniqueness and their life’s passion and attempt at identifying one’s real professional and personal callings of life. With umpteen choices and information overload, the young minds need professional support in gaining clarity and make informed and meaningful choices. Thus we at Drishtikon focus on enabling the young minds identify their passion and transform those into successful and fulfilling means of living happily.

Students Offerings

Drishtikon offers a unique and comprehensive approach to support the youngsters (students from standard 7th onwards) in identifying their passion, their callings. The offerings go much beyond the identification of the callings, we believe in taking the kids through a guided process of translating their passion into meaningful and fulfilling profession.

We also offer interventions for developing and leveraging their strengths and learn to manage or work on their areas of development.

Offerings for Teachers and Parents

No intervention is complete unless the individual gets support from the key social entities that have influence in an individual’s life. We believe in working on the entire ecosystem that  shapes perspectives of young mind.

Therefore, in the Education Sector Drishtikon offers interventions not just for students but also for their teachers and parents.

It is important to understand and accept oneself, know one’s own limitations and biases to be able to shape the young minds. We offer interventions – which aims at ‘shaping the shapers’ through self discovery.

Overall at Drishtikon we aim to help individuals to understand self, ask questions, take decisions, leverage one’s strengths and develop behavioural skills to achieve their (professional and personal) objectives and lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Corporate vertical 

The only resource that can give a sustainable competitive advantage to a business are the people working in the organisation. Even technology or strategy can be replicated. To believe that with AI (artificial intelligence) seeping in business,  one can completely replace humans is a far fetched belief. To leverage the employees strength, it is important that the organisations develop people practices that are integrated and which convey intended Business Strategy in a clear and cohesive manner. Also, it is important that practices are developed to meet organisational objectives and goals in the best possible way and also the objectives of each and every employee. It is the happy people who design and practice the best performance and organisational culture.

Any strategy or policies are as good as it is implemented and practiced. Committed employees are  required for the effective implementation practices. They would be as effective as clear they are of  the Organisation’s objectives and their contribution to the business goals, mission and vision.

Consulting and Organisational Development (OD) Interventions

Drishtikon Consults into people practices. We help you design and support effective implementation of HR policies and practices.

We customise our offerings to the needs of the Business, the sector specific nuances and the life stage at which your business is in.

We do due diligence to identify the root cause of the challenges and needs of the organisation. We keep in mind that the policies and practices are aligned to achieve the long term vision and short term success of an organisation.

Behavioural Training

Perspective defines organisational objectives, actions, strategies, policies, and practices. How an individual views challenges, success, growth, goals, self, others, meaning of life and happiness is also defined by the outlook one has.

We do not claim to transform individuals in short term training workshops. However, we do believe that going through the Behavioural Workshops we do change perspectives. One gets a new pair of eyes to view the issues on. One get motivated to implement the learnings for transformation.

Some Workshops that we offer are in the area of Leadership Development, Team leadership, Team Building, Decision Making, Influencing, Power and Politics, Discovering and Understanding Self, Managing Conflict, Dealing with Ambiguity, Diversity Sensitivity, Dealing with Change.

In addition we do Certificate workshops for – Competency Assessment Skills, Competency Mapping, Performance Management, Effective Feedback, Talent Management Concepts, Strategic HR.

Executive Coaching

It’s lonely at the top and many a time journey in the corporate world become very solitary. At all stages in corporate journey one faces challenges and confusion.  One feels the need to test one ideas before presenting to the world, colleagues or managers, one faces conflicts with personal/ family goals and professional goals, one faces corporate politics and apparent roadblocks in one’s professional journey. One continuously comes across paths to choose from.

At all such junctures the need for a trusted, non-judgemental coach becomes critical. At such situations one is not seeking solutions, one is actually in need of clarity of thoughts and decisions. At Drishtikon, we work with you as a coach for your short issues and long term support.

We do not judge or provide solutions through coaching, we help you arrive at best answers. We act as a trusted talking shadow/ buddy for you, probing and asking questions in order to help you define your solutions.